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The Radiation Safety Journal: Official Journal of the Health Physics Society

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Medicine's "nuclear age" continues to be a guiding force today, demanding current information dedicated to radiation and its effects. Health Physics identified this need over forty years ago and continues to help health physicists, nuclear chemists, and medical doctors stay on the cutting edge of the discipline. The journal's unique features allow readers to communicate freely on the topics that interest them the most, through original papers, forums and editorials. Coverage ranges from epidemiology to physiological responses with reports on the latest findings in both theoretical and applied disciplines of radiation safety. A quarterly supplement, "Operational Radiation Safety," deals with practical application of the skills essential to this field.

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--Original, peer-reviewed research
--International editorial advisory board
--Operational topics
--Software reviews
--Meeting abstracts

ISBN/ISSN: 0017-9078
Publication Frequency: Published 12 times per year (Monthly)
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