Optometry and Vision Science.
Optometry and Vision Science
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Serving primary eye care practitioners for more than 80 years, Optometry and Vision Science is the most authoritative source for current developments and research in optometry, physiological optics, and vision science. Promoting vital interdisciplinary exchange among scientists worldwide, Optometry and Vision Science keeps optometrists and ophthalmologists in practice and research apprised of current guidelines in patient eye care. The journal is the offical publication of the American Academy of Optometry.

An individual subscription includes 12 print issues, full-text online access to all current and back issues, as well access to Optometry and Vision Science for the iPad! ®.
Visit the journal online at www.optvissci.com

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--Original, peer-reviewed articles
--Abstracts, illustrations
--Reports on techniques and instrumentation
--Trends in vision care
--Results of laboratory research
--Case Reports and Case Studies
--"In the News" and "Calendar of Events" sections dealing with the latest scientific, commercial, regulatory, and educational developments

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