Stedman's Plus Medical / Pharmaceutical Spellchecker

Stedman's Plus Medical / Pharmaceutical Spellchecker

Publication Date: 2014
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ISBN/ISSN: 1533-3515


Stedman's Plus Spellchecker Premium Edition keeps you on the cutting edge of medical and pharmaceutical terminology, with three comprehensive issues per year. Sign up for the Stedman's Plus Premium Edition, and you'll receive three automatic updates throughout your one-year subscription, with the newest FDA approvals, ethical/OTC drugs, and clinical trial drugs, plus international drug data and the latest laboratory tests, diagnostic procedures, surgical operations, equipment and instrumentation.
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--Contains nearly half a million total medical, drug, and bioscience terms from over 60 major specialties.
--Over 22,000 trade and generic drug names drawn from the pharmaceutical industry's first choice—Facts & Comparisons® database of the American Drug Index.
--Over 100,000 abbreviations, acronyms, and eponyms.
--Over 80,000 medical and surgical equipment terms.
--The most current terms related to diseases, treatments, medical procedures, lab tests, and more!
--Spellchecks from within your word processing application, so there's nothing new to learn and no separate application to run—simply spellcheck your document as you normally would!
--Integrates seamlessly with all your Microsoft Office applications (such as Excel, Access, Outlook, and PowerPoint) and your Corel Office Suite applications (including Quattro Pro and Presentations).

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