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Home Healthcare Nurse Online

The Journal for the Home Care and Hospice Professional
Official Journal of the Home Healthcare Nurses Association
The VNAA Official Journal for Clinical Practice

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Home Healthcare Nurse is the professional, contemporary journalserving the educational and communication needs of home care and hospicenurses, from the clinical needs of the staff nurse to the operational and legislative issues facing the administrator.

The journal is highly interactive and timely, focusing on themultidimensional, interdisciplinary and specialty practice areas of homecare nursing. Clinical, operational, and educational home care nursingissues are the core of the publication. Plentiful columns and featuresfocus on practical, up-to-date approaches to everyday situations, as wellas analysis and interpretation of how healthcare trends affect the homecare nurse's practice.

Website: www.homehealthcarenurseonline.com

ISBN/ISSN: 1539-0713
Publication Frequency: Published 10 times per year
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