Fluids and Electrolytes in the Surgical Patient
Fluids and Electrolytes in the Surgical Patient Fluids and Electrolytes in the Surgical Patient

Fluids and Electrolytes in the Surgical Patient

Publication Date: December 08, 1999
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780781724258
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Now in its thoroughly revised, updated Fifth Edition, this handbook is the only volume on fluids and electrolytes that is geared specifically to surgical residents and surgeons. It explains, in practical terms, how to assess and manage problems of fluid-electrolyte and acid-base balance in surgical patients. Coverage includes enteral and parenteral nutrition, calculations for fluid and electrolyte replacement, acid-base management in shock, and selection of the optimal method of fluid and electrolyte delivery.This edition's chapters have all been rewritten for easier readability. New charts and figures have been added and tables have been revised to reflect recent modifications in therapy. The text precisely describes the specific characteristics and uses of all currently available fluids. This edition also provides more information on the interpretation and therapeutic implications of laboratory results.
--Provides solid insight into the mechanisms of fluids, electrolytes, and acid-base as they relate to the surgical patient
--Only text on topic geared specifically to the surgeon
--Written by a surgeon with the beginning surgeon in mind
--Discusses the basics, including:
--/ maintenance (of volume, tonicity, specific electrolytes, acid-base, nutrition, fluid orders)
--/ replacement
--/ volume changes
--/ volume and tonicity
--/ specific electrolytes
--/ acid-base balance
--/ nutrition
--Delves into specific formulas and calculations to provide a deeper, qualified understanding of the information
Carlos Pestana MD, PhD, FACS
Professor of Surgery, University of Texas Health Science Center; Former Chief, General Surgery Service, Audie Murphy Veterans Administration Hospital, San Antonio, TX

Edition: 5
ISBN/ISSN: 9780781724258
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Pages: 192
Pub Date: December 08, 1999
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