Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation.
Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation
Publication Date: 2003
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780781750936


This full-color, multimedia reference is a comprehensive "how-to" guide to the latest surgical procedures for rejuvenating the aging face. Chapters guide readers systematically through every step of preoperative evaluation, intraoperative management, surgical technique, and postoperative care and include lists of instrumentation and equipment and preoperative and postoperative patient instruction sheets. Coverage also includes practice management, adjunctive procedures, cutaneous resurfacing, basic skin care, and medical management of hair loss. The book contains 494 full-color illustrations, including step-by-step photography and large-size, computer-rendered drawings.

Two DVDs accompanying the book present over 6 hours of detailed, narrated video demonstrating 17 surgical and dermatological procedures.

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Samuel M. Lam MD
Private Practice, Lam Facial Plastic Surgery Center and Hair Restoration Institute, Willow Bend Wellness Center, Plano, TX; Sherry Lane Cosmetic Center, Dallas, TX

Edwin F. Williams III, MD
Associate Professor, Division of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Department of Surgery, Albany Medical College, Albany, NY; Medical Director, Williams Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, Latham, NY

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780781750936
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Trim Size: 8 1/2 x 11
Pages: 314
Pub Date: 2003
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