Model of Human Occupation
Model of Human Occupation Model of Human Occupation

Model of Human Occupation

Theory and Application

Publication Date: August 27, 2007
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780781769969
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Model of Human Occupation, Fourth Edition offers a complete and current presentation of the most widely used model in occupational therapy, and delivers the latest in MOHO theory, research, and application to practice. This authoritative text explores what motivates individuals, how they select occupations and establish everyday routines, how environment influences occupational behavior, and more.


  • Case Vignettes that illustrate key concepts that students need to know
  • Case Studies that help students apply the model to practice
  • Chapter on evidence based practice (ch. 25)
  • Chapter on World Health Organization and AOTA practice framework and language links the MOHO model to two widely used frameworks (ch. 27)
  • Photographs of real patients help bring the concepts and cases to life
--Numerous case examples to illustrate the use of assessments and application of concepts in practice
--Discussion of the therapy process, how change occurs and what therapy does to support change
--Language linked to International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health terminology
--Research chapter and numerous research references throughout, highlighting the growing body of evidence supporting MOHO and offering suggestions for further study
--Discussion of assessments developed for use with MOHO, in various contexts and populations
--Chapter summaries that reinforce key points and provide a quick evaluation of content comprehension
--Renowned contributors offer their knowledge on their specific area of expertise
Gary Kielhofner MD, PH, OTR, FAOTA
Wade/Meyer Chair, Professor, and Head, Department of Occupational Therapy, College of Applied Health Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL

Edition: 4
ISBN/ISSN: 9780781769969
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Pages: 565
Pub Date: August 27, 2007
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Chapter 1: Introduction to the Model of Human Occupation

  • Section 1: Explaining Human Occupation
  • Chapter 2: The Basic Concepts of Human Occupation
  • Chapter 3: The Dynamics of Human Occupation
  • Chapter 4: Volition
  • Chapter 5: Habituation: Patterns of Daily Occupation
  • Chapter 6: Performance capacity and lived body
  • Chapter 7: The Environment and Human Occupation
  • Chapter 8: Dimensions of Doing
  • Chapter 9: Crafting Occupational Life
  • Chapter 10: Doing and Becoming: Occupational Change and Development
  • Section 2 Applying MOHO: The Therapy Process and Therapeutic Reasoning

  • Chapter 11: Therapeutic Reasoning: Planning,Implementing and Evaluating the Outcomes of Therapy
  • Chapter 12: Assessment: Choosing and Using Structured and Unstructured Means of Gathering Information
  • Chapter 13: Occupation Engagement: How Clients Achieve Change
  • Chapter 14: Therapeutic Strategies for Enabling Clients
  • Section 3: Assessments: Structured methods for Gathering Client Information

  • Chapter 15: Observational Assessments
  • Chapter 16: Self-Reports: Eliciting Client's Perspectives
  • Chapter 17: Talking With Clients: Assessments That Collect Information
  • Chapter 18: Assessments Combining Methods of Information Gathering
  • Section 4: Case Illustrations

  • Chapter 19: Recrafting Occupation Narratives
  • Chapter 20: Applying MOHO to Clients Who Are Cognitively Impaired
  • Chapter 22: Enabling Clients to Reconstruct Their Occupational Lives in Long-Term Settings
  • Section 5: Resources for Applying and Developing MOHO

  • Chapter 23: Communication and Documentation
  • Chapter 24: Program Development
  • Chapter 25: Evidence for Practice from the Model of Human Occupation
  • Chapter 26: Research: Investigating MOHO
  • Chapter 27: The Model of Human Occupation, the ICF, and the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework: Connections to Support Best Practice Around the World.
  • Appendix A: Bibliography
  • Appendix B: Introduction to the MOHO Clearinghouse and Web Site
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