Advanced Pediatric Assessment

Advanced Pediatric Assessment

Publication Date: 2010
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780781791656


Advanced Pediatric Assessment provides a detailed and comprehensive approach to obtaining the history and physical examination of children. It addresses the unique anatomic and physiologic differences between infants, children and adults so that PNPs, FNPs, and other practitioners can provide an accurate assessment during health and illness. Using a body system framework that highlights developmental and cultural considerations, the book emphasizes the physical and psychosocial principles of growth and development. Advanced Pediatric Assessment carries increased relevance today, with a focus on health promotion and wellness.

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  • Depth of content targeted to advanced practice nurses or PA, Pediatric Nurse Practioners, and Family Nurse Practitioners. 
  • Introductory chapter provides a detailed yet concise overview of child health assessment, with a focus on the clinical implications of head-to-toe body system immaturity.
  • Each body system chapter includes developmental and cultural aspects of the assessment of that particular body system.  

  • Separate, in-depth chapters on developmental and cultural assessment.

  • Detailed chapter on communication techniques used when assessing children of various ages and developmental levels.

  • Separate chapters on Family and Mental Health Assessment

  • Includes separate chapters on pediatric health supervision, nutrition and safety.

  • Entire chapter devoted to assessment of the neonate.

  • Detailed chapter on the assessment of child abuse and neglect.

  • Numerous tables throughout each chapter to summarize key, important content.

  • Over 280 photos and charts exhance the text, including a full-color insert depicting a variety of commonly encountered pediatric physical findings.

  • Sample medical record documentation included in each chapter.  

Ellen M. Chiocca RNC, MSN, CPNP
Assistant Professor of Clinical Nursing Loyola University at Chicago School of Nursing

ISBN/ISSN: 9780781791656
Product Format: Hardbound
Trim Size: 8.375 x 10.875
Pages: 560
Pub Date: 2010
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Section 1: Growth and Development

  • Chapter 1 Assessment of Health and Illness in Children: An Overview
  • Chapter 2 Assessment of Child Development and Behavior
Section 2: Obtaining the Pediatric Health History
  • Chapter 3 Communicating with Children and Families
  • Chapter 4 Cultural Assessment of Children and Families
  • Chapter 5 Assessment of the Family
  • Chapter 6 Obtaining the Pediatric Health History
  • Chapter 7 Assessing the Health and Safety of the Child's Environment
Section 3: Physical Assessment
  • Chapter 8 The Pediatric Physical Examination
  • Chapter 9 The Health Supervision Visit: Wellness Examinations in Children
  • Chapter 10 Assessment of Nutritional Status
  • Chapter 11 Newborn Assessment
Section 4: Focused Assessments
  • Chapter 12 Assessment of the Integumentary System
  • Chapter 13 Assessment of the Head, Neck, and Regional Lymphatics
  • Chapter 14 Assessment of the Ears
  • Chapter 15 Assessment of the Eyes
  • Chapter 16 Assessment of the Face, Nose, and Oral Cavity
  • Chapter 17 Assessment of the Thorax, Lungs, and Regional Lymphatics
  • Chapter 18 Assessment of the Cardiovascular System
  • Chapter 19 Assessment of the Abdomen and Regional Lymphatics
  • Chapter 20 Assessment of the Reproductive System
  • Chapter 21 Assessment of the Musculoskeletal System
  • Chapter 22 Assessment of the Neurological System

Section III: Assessment of the Whole Child

  • Chapter 23 Assessment of Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Chapter 24 Assessment of Mental Disorders in Children
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