Lippincott's Visual Encyclopedia of Clinical Skills

Lippincott's Visual Encyclopedia of Clinical Skills

Publication Date: 2008
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780781798327


Lippincott's Visual Encyclopedia of Clinical Skills is an innovative book that improves nursing skills through the use of close-up pictures. More than 700 detailed, full-color photographs, diagrams, step-by-step illustrations, and other graphics help nurses better understand the correct way to perform everyday clinical skills and procedures. More than 220 current nursing procedures are made instantly understandable through an innovative visual approach.

The clear, succinct text for each skill includes step-by-step instructions and rationales for critical steps, explaining why that step is important. Recurring icons alert nurses to vital safety information and instances where the patient's age requires procedure modifications.

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--More than 700 full-color photographs, diagrams, step-by-step illustrations, and other graphics to make procedural steps clear and easy to grasp
--Concise, step-by-step instructions help build the readers confidence and eliminate fear of hands-on treatment
--Rationale for critical steps given to deepen the reader's understanding
--Recurring icons:
  • --Clinical Alert: Emphasizes crucial information that could be vital to the patient's health. For example, when giving a patient a tube feeding, the Clinical Alert icon points out that the nurse should first make sure the tube is properly positioned in the patient's stomach because administering a feeding through a misplaced tube can cause formula to enter the patient's lungs.
  • --Age Factor: Highlights instances when the patient's age could affect how the nurse provides care. For example, if the nurse needs to monitor arterial oxygen saturation in an infant, the Age Factor icon will prompt her to wrap the oximeter probe around the infant's foot rather than a finger and position it so that light beam and detector oppose each other.

--Covers more than 220 procedures, from giving injections to monitoring ST segments, and providing pressure ulcer care.
--Organized alphabetically by procedure

ISBN/ISSN: 9780781798327
Product Format: Hardbound
Trim Size: 8.375 x 10.875
Pages: 768
Pub Date: 2008
Weight: 4

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