Bratton's Family Medicine Board Review Powered by PrepU

Bratton's Family Medicine Board Review Powered by PrepU

Publication Date: 2012
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781451165128


PrepU is an adaptive quizzing engine for the Family Medicine Board Exam.  The questions have been calibrated for difficulty by family practice residents across the country, and each question is assigned a difficulty level.  After giving the resident a diagnostic test to assess strength and weaknesses,the program provides tests that are right at that specific resident"s level--neither too easy nor too hard.  As the resident takes practice exams, he/she progresses and is provided with gradually increasing levels of difficulty, exactly in accord with that specific resident's progress.   Extensive research and efficacy studies show that this is an ideal and highly efficient way to learn. The program provides an incredible amount of feedback on strenghts and weaknesses and you can monitor your progress against national scores. There are extensive dashboards for both the resident and residency director.
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Robert L. Bratton MD
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FL

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ISBN/ISSN: 9781451165128
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Pub Date: 2012
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