Munro's Statistical Methods for Health Care Research.
Munro's Statistical Methods for Health Care Research
Publication Date: 2012
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781451187946


This text provides students with a solid foundation for understanding data analysis and specific statistical techniques. Focusing on the most current and frequently used statistical methods in today's health care literature, the book covers essential material for a variety of program levels including in-depth courses beyond the basic statistics course. Well-organized, clear text discussions and great learning tools help students overcome the complexities and fully comprehend the concepts of this often intimidating area of study.

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* The book covers essential material for a variety of program levels including in-depth courses beyond the basic statistics course.

* New author team based the book on the organizational framework that Barbara Hazard Munro developed, which a generation of students and health care providers have used.

* Included are chapter-by-chapter sections on the research question, examples from the literature, types of data required, assumptions, details of the specific technique under discussion, and a fully worked out example of how to compute the statistic both by hand and with IBM SPSS.

* The software that is referenced has been updated to SPSS 18.

* Expanded discussions of nonparametric (distribution free) statistics and the chi-square statistic are included.

* The book is organized into three sections: Section 1 focuses on obtaining and understanding your data, Section 2 focuses on analyzing the data (largely with bivariate statistics), and Section 3 focuses on model building and presenting your data.

Stacey Plichta Kellar ScD, CPH
Department Chair, School of Community and Environmental Health, College of Health Sciences, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA

Elizabeth Kelvin
Assistant Professor
CUNY School of Public Health at Hunter College
New York, NY

Edition: 6
ISBN/ISSN: 9781451187946
Product Format: Softbound
Trim Size: 7 x 9
Pages: 576
Pub Date: 2012
Weight: 1.7

Section 1: Obtaining and Understanding Data

 Chapter 1: Using Research and Statistics in Health Care

Chapter 2: Descriptive Statistics: Getting to Know the Data

Chapter 3: Key Principles of Statistical Inference

Chapter 4: Hypothesis Testing with Inferential Statistics

 Section 2: Analyzing the Data

 Chapter 5: Measuring the Differences Between the Means Two Unrelated Group Means: Independent t-tests and Mann-Whitney U-tests

Chapter 6: Measuring the Differences Between the Means of Two Related Groups: Paired t-tests and Wilcoxon Matched Pairs tests

Chapter 7: Measuring the Differences Between the Means of Three or More Unrelated Groups: One -Way ANOVAs and the Kruskal-Wallis H-tests

Chapter 8: Differences Among the Means of Three or More Unrelated Groups Defined by Two or More Independent Variables: N-Way ANOVA

Chapter 9: Comparing the Means of Three or More Related Groups: Repeated Measures ANOVA and Friedman's ANOVA by Rank

Chapter 10: Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA)

Chapter 11: Measuring the Association of two Variables: Pearson and Spearman Correlation

Chapter 12: Examining Cross tabulations: The Chi-square Statistic and The McNemar Test

Section 3: Model Building and Presentation

 Chapter 13: Logistic Regression

Chapter 14: Linear Regression and Regression Diagnostic

Chapter 15: Factor Analysis

Chapter 16: Path Analysis

Chapter 17: Structural Equation Modeling

Chapter 18: Writing for Presentation and Publication

 Appendices and other end of book items


Appendix A: Entering Data into SPSS
Appendix B: Percent of Total Area of Normal Curve Between a z-score and the Mean
Appendix C: Distribution of t
Appendix D: Critical Values of the U-statistic
Appendix E: Critical Values of the Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Statistic
Appendix F: The 5% and 1% Points for the Distribution of F
Appendix G: Critical Values of H for the Kruskal-Wallis ANOVA by Rank
Appendix H: Critical Values of Dunn's Q for Nonparametric Multiple Comparison Testing
Appendix I: Exact Distribution of the Friedman's χ2 for the Friedman'Xs ANOVA by Rank Comparing Three Related Groups
Appendix J: Critical Values of the Pearson Correlation Coefficient
Appendix K: Critical Value of the Spearman Correlation Coefficient
Appendix L: Distribution of χ2 Probability



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