Breath Sounds Made Incredibly Easy

Breath Sounds Made Incredibly Easy

Publication Date: 2004
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781582553542


Breath Sounds Made Incredibly Easy is an entertaining, practical, and informative reference that includes an audio CD of breath sounds for those who must accurately interpret breath sounds and understand their implications, diagnosis, and treatments. Revealing the importance of accurate breath sound interpretation, this Incredibly Easy title walks the reader through more than 50 breath sounds. The book includes an audio index and cues to the CD sounds throughout the text that allow the reader to listen to the sounds sequentially with the book or review them out of sequence.

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--Easy-to-remember presentation of breath sound physiology, interpretation, implications and treatments for each breath sound
--More than 200 illustrations highlight anatomy, lung and breath sound physiology and pathophysiology, and optimum auscultation sites
--Breath sound tracings accompany normal and abnormal breath sound descriptions
--Memory Joggers: mnemonics that help the reader understand and remember difficult information
--Summary of key points
--Quick quizzes at end of each chapter to assess learning
--Glossary of key terms
--Bullets, ballot boxes, and checklists make it easy to remember important points
--Short paragraphs encourage rapid understanding of concepts
--Sidebars the Incredibly Easy way highlights key facts and concepts
--Cartoon characters who offer tips and encouragement
--Icons that attract attention and point the reader to essential information
  • Breathe easy--highlights the best procedures to follow
  • Ages and stages--identifies differences in heart sounds among different patient populations, including pediatric and elderly populations
  • Now I get it (new name to come) -- explains concepts that are important to know but difficult to grasp

--The CD
  • Operates on MACs, PCs, and any audio CD player
  • Provides clear and precise electronically generated examples of most normal and abnormal breath sounds (does not contain the book text)
  • Can be used with the book or as a stand-alone product§ An audio index and cues throughout the text allow the reader to listen to the sounds while reviewing the text

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ISBN/ISSN: 9781582553542
Product Format: Softbound
Trim Size: 7 1/2 x 9 1/4
Pages: 224
Pub Date: 2004
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