Charting: An Incredibly Easy! Pocket Guide.
Charting: An Incredibly Easy! Pocket Guide
Publication Date: 2006
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781582555386


Charting: An Incredibly Easy! Pocket Guide provides time-starved nurses with essential documentation guidelines in a streamlined, bulleted format, with illustrations, logos, and other Incredibly Easy! features. The book is conveniently pocket sized for quick reference anytime and anywhere.

The first section reviews the basics of charting, including types of records, dos and dont's, and current HIPAA and JCAHO regulations. The second section, alphabetically organized, presents hundreds of examples and guidelines for accurately charting everyday occurrences. Logos include Help Desk best practices tips; Form Fitting completed forms that exemplify top-notch documentation; Making a Case documentation-related court cases; and Memory Jogger mnemonics.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9781582555386
Product Format: Softbound
Trim Size: 4.5 x 7.5
Pages: 416
Pub Date: 2006
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