Introduction to Health Care & Careers
Introduction to Health Care & Careers Introduction to Health Care & Careers

Introduction to Health Care & Careers

Publication Date: May 16, 2011
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781582559001
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Introduction to Health Care & Careers provides students beginning their health care education with the fundamentals they need to develop their personal and professional skills, understand their chosen profession, and succeed in the world of health care. It meets the growing market demand for a book that gives the best of both worlds—skill development and career choice information. The text begins with today’s health care system, health care economics, and law and ethics, providing important context for the personal, professional, and workplace skills that follow. From there, students move on to an overview of careers in health care and detailed profiles of the most in-demand professions. The book closes with brief chapters on anatomy and physiology to prepare students for the rest of their health care education.

With its student friendly approach, Introduction to Health Care & Careers is the essential resource for introductory health care courses, striking the perfect balance between skill development and up-to-date career choice information–everything health care students need to succeed.

Features in Selected Chapters:

  • --On Location: help students picture themselves at work in the health professions and engage their critical thinking by presenting brief workplace scenarios followed by open-ended questions
  • --Newsreel: highlights current research or trend information to connect the material to the real world
  • --Career Ladder Tables: presents potential job growth and career paths by category, showing for each career the education, certification/licensure, projected job growth, and average salary
  • --Let's Get Physical: focus on key facts about the human body relevant to all health professionals 
  • --Zoom In: tips or useful facts such as insider tips about aspects of patient care or other practices as learned from experience on the job
  • --Procedures: step-by-step, illustrated, how-to descriptions for how to perform the basic skills required in many health care careers. They include, for example, taking an oral temperature, handwashing, and administering first aid for shock
  • --Spotlight on Skills: gives students a glimpse of the day-to-day tasks performed by different health professionals

Features in All Chapters:

  • --Objectives: presents learning goals for students at the outset of each chapter
  • --Key Terms: listed in alphabetical order in the chapter opener, and each term appears in boldface at its first use in the chapter. Terms are also defined in the Glossary.
  • --Pronunciations: When a difficult new term is used for the first time, its pronunciation (Stedman's) is presented in parentheses after the word.
  • --Checkpoints: help students graps material in each section before moving on - they appear at the end of major chapter sections, providing students a self-check of 1-2 short-answer, recall questions about content covered in the preceding section.
  • --Chapter Wrap-Up: each of the following appears at the close of every chapter
    • *Electronic Resource Reminder: a graphic icon reminds students to visit thePoint to experience the student resources and enhance their study experience
    • *Chapter Highlights: bulleted summaries focus on the key points in each chapter and allow for easy studying
    • *Review Questions: a mix of open-ended and recall questions let students test their knowledge before moving on to the next chapter
    • *Investigate It: activities that encourage students to use the Internet and other resources to delve more deeply into the chapter's topics
Roxann DeLaet

Professor of Nursing

Sinclair Community College

Dayton, OH

ISBN/ISSN: 9781582559001
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Pages: 576
Pub Date: May 16, 2011
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1: Today's Health Care System
2: Health Care Economics
3: Law, Ethics, and Professionalism

4: Personal Qualities and Skills for Success
5: Health Care Communication
6: Diversity in the Workplace
7: Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving
8: Teamwork and Leadership

9: Computers and Technology
10: Medical Terminology Basics
11: Medical Documentation
12: Medical Math
13: Safety and Infection Control
14: Body Mechanics
15: Measuring Weight, Height, and Vital Signs
16: First Aid and Emergency Procedures

17: Overview of Health Care Careers
18: Patient Care: Medical and Surgical
19: Patient Care: Nursing
20: Patient Care: Dental
21: Laboratory and Pharmacy Services
22: Diagnostic and Imaging Services
23: Therapy and Rehabilitation
24: Health Information and Administration

25: The Body as a Whole
26: Movement and Support
27: Coordination and Control
28: Circulation and Body Defense
29: Energy Supply and Use
30: Reproduction and Development

Appendix A: Preparing for a Successful Interview
Appendix B: Professional and Government Resource Organizations
Appendix C: Metric Conversion Table
Appendix D: Abbreviations

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