I.V. Therapy Made Incredibly Easy!
I.V. Therapy Made Incredibly Easy! I.V. Therapy Made Incredibly Easy!

I.V. Therapy Made Incredibly Easy!

Publication Date: May 01, 2009
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781605471983
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The Fourth Edition of this practical reference provides current, comprehensive information on I.V. therapy in a clear, concise, and entertaining manner. The book reviews the basics of I.V. therapy such as purpose, delivery methods, flow rates, legal issues, profession standards, and documentation; discusses the necessary components of peripheral and central venous therapy, including access sites, equipment, preparation, maintenance, and discontinuation of therapy; and describes administration of I.V. medications, including special considerations for the pediatric, elderly, and home care patient. Coverage includes transfusion therapy, chemotherapy, and parenteral nutrition. This edition includes new geriatrics and pediatrics chapters, new information on home care throughout, and updated Infusion Nurses Society standards.

--New! Pediatric I.V. therapy chapter
--New! Geriatric I.V. therapy chapter
--New! home care information throughout
--Expanded Practice makes perfect section
--Complete review and update of all existing topics, including drugs and applications for home I.V. therapy
--Entertaining icons that alert the reader to critical information. These include:
--"Memory joggers" - makes hard topics easy to remember
--"Running smoothly" - information that helps the nurse make sure that everything is in working order from equipment to complication prevention.
--"Warning" - alerts the nurse to possible risk or complications associated with specific aspects of I.V. therapy.
--"Best Practice" feature identifies the "best" practices for administration and monitoring of I.V. therapy as established by INS standards, CDC standards, research evidence, etc. and notes the source for the "best" practice information.
--"That's a wrap!" Chapter summaries at end of each chapter for quick review
--Summary of key points
--Clear, simple explanations of problems
--Definitions of key terms
--Illustrations that clearly explain key topics
--Bullets, ballot boxes, and checklists that make it easy to spot important points at a glance
--Sidebars that highlights key concepts and points about accurate charting
--Quick quizzes at the end of each chapter
--Joy and her friends to add familiarity and fun to important I.V. therapy concepts
--Thought pillows that identify key points about I.V. therapy administration, monitoring, discontinuation, and documentation
--One 4-color miniguide explaining the different types of I.V. solutions
--Glossary that defines difficult or often misunderstood terms
--I.V. Drug Compatibility Chart

Edition: 4
ISBN/ISSN: 9781605471983
Product Format: Softbound
Trim Size: 7.5 x 9.25
Pages: 384
Pub Date: May 01, 2009
Weight: 1.65
  • Ch. 1 Introduction to I.V. therapy
  • Ch. 2 Peripheral I.V. therapy
  • Ch. 3 Central venous therapy
  • Ch. 4 I.V. medications
  • Ch. 5 Transfusion
  • Ch. 6 Chemotherapy infusions
  • Ch. 7 Parenteral nutrition
  • Ch 8 Pediatric I.V. therapy
  • Ch 9 Geriatric I.V. therapy
  • Appendices

    Practice makes perfect

    I.V. drug compatibility

    Using a flow sheet to document I.V. therapy


    Selected references


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