Lippincott Interactive Case Studies in Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing (Bundle Only)
Lippincott Interactive Case Studies in Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing (Bundle Only) Lippincott Interactive Case Studies in Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing (Bundle Only)

Lippincott Interactive Case Studies in Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing (Bundle Only)

Interactive Case Studies - Mental Health (Bundle only)

Publication Date: August 01, 2010
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781605473567
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This collection of case-based, interactive exercises reinforces learning for students in psychiatric-mental health nursing. The cases serve as simulated clinical experiences for students, posing common patient scenarios and asking questions about the best strategies for care. This unique offering, created in response to market demand, helps students apply their classroom learning and develop their patient care skills. It also helps students become better prepared and more comfortable working with patients with challenging mental health issues.

Much of the content was created to complement the Seventh Edition of Mohr: Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing. The cases also can be used as a stand-alone resource or as a supplement to any psychiatric nursing text.

--12 modules containing two to three case studies each focus on the areas that psychiatric nursing instructors have identified as core content for the discipline
--Interactive exercises in each case combine multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, sequencing, short-answer, and other types of questions to challenge students and use a variety of approaches to enhance knowledge synthesis.
--The cases test students on key assessment findings, signs/symptoms, nursing priorities, therapeutic communication, medication administration and follow-up, community transition, documentation, and other essential elements of care in this discipline.
--Instructors can assign modules as homework, classwork, or self-study.
--Students can submit their answers to NCLEX-style practice questions at the end of each module to instructors as a quiz/homework/test feature.
This online learning tool is designed for use on thePoint, and with SCORM 1.2 compatible learning management systems including Blackboard Learning SystemTM, WebCTTM, Angel®Learning, and Desire2Learn. It comes packaged in an emory case with an access code inside which students need to provide when accessing for the first time.

ISBN/ISSN: 9781605473567
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Module 01: Therapeutic Relationships and Communication

Topic 01: The Essential Elements of Therapeutic Relationships
Topic 02: The Phases of Therapeutic Relationships
Topic 03: Therapeutic Communication

Module 02: Psychopharmacology

Topic 01: Antidepressants
Topic 02: Anxiolytics
Topic 03: Antipsychotics

Module 03: Anxiety Disorders

Topic 01: Anxiety Disorders and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
Topic 02: Anxiety Disorders and Psychopharmacology

Module 04: Personality Disorders

Topic 01: Personality Disorders - Cluster A
Topic 02: Personality Disorders - Cluster B
Topic 03: Personality Disorders - Cluster C

Module 05: Eating Disorders

Topic 01: Anorexia
Topic 02: Bulimia
Topic 03: Binge Eating Disorder

Module 06: Depression

Topic 01: Major Depressive Disorder
Topic 02: Dysthymia
Topic 03: Postpartum Depression

Module 07: Bipolar Disorders

Topic 01: Bipolar I Disorder
Topic 02: Bipolar II Disorder

Module 08: Schizophrenia

Topic 01: Paranoid Schizophrenia and Immediate Management
Topic 02: Catatonic Schizophrenia and Long-term Management

Module 09: Substance Use Disorders

Topic 01: Alcohol-dependence Disorder
Topic 02: Controlled-substance Disorder

Module 10: Cognitive Disorders

Module 11: Violence and Abuse

Module 12: Suicide

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