Lippincott's Nursing Guide to Expert Elder Care

Lippincott's Nursing Guide to Expert Elder Care

Publication Date: July 02, 2010
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781605476278


Focusing specifically on the needs of the aging adult population-from the so-called silent generation (Depression era babies) through the youngest of the baby boomers-this book provides comprehensive coverage of gerontological concepts, health promotion strategies, and practical information on nursing care for all major disorders that typically affect older adults, including hypertension, coronary artery disease, obesity, osteoarthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease. Case studies and questions appear throughout to stimulate critical thinking, and best practices are provided and supported through evidence-based research and clinical guidelines. Abundant photos and illustrations demonstrate must-know clinical concepts. The text also includes information on healthy aging strategies, cultural considerations, assessment guidelines, nutrition, patient teaching, pain management, end-of-life care, and much more.
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--Assessment guidelines, including sample forms, scales, and other helpful tools, throughout
--Evidence-based research and guidelines
--Case studies and critical thinking questions appear throughout the text
--Coverage of end-of-life care
--Healthy aging strategies; focus on promoting wellness
-- Cultural considerations: gives advice on cultural diversity and caring for the older adult
-- Healthful living: provides health promotion tips in short sidebars
-- Medication alert: warns the nurse about important safety considerations before administering drugs to the patient
-- Nutrition tips: emphasizes the importance of proper nutrition dietary modifications, and vitamins and minerals for daily health
--Specific information on nursing care covering all major diseases related to the older adult including hypertension, coronary artery disease, obesity, osteoarthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease
--Unique quotations at the beginning of each chapter--provocative, funny, serious, or inspiring--all offering an interesting perspective on growing older
--Timelines to visually track historic moments, people, culture, and icons from the early 20th century to present day

ISBN/ISSN: 9781605476278
Product Format: Softbound
Trim Size: 7 x 9
Pages: 432
Pub Date: July 02, 2010
Weight: 1.45
Contributors and consultants vi
Foreword vii

1. The graying of America 1
2. Promoting a healthy life 21
3. Assessing the older adult 43
4. Nutrition: The food factor 79
5. Medication: The right prescription 105
6. Common disorders: A systematic approach 139
7. Sexuality: Not just for the young 309
8. Caregiving: A family affair 335
9. Abuse: A breach of trust 359
10. End-of-life care: Easing the transition 375

Appendices 393
-- Selected resources 393
-- Patient-teaching aids for the older adult 398
-- How aging can affect laboratory values 408
-- Credits 410
-- Selected references 412

Index 414
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