Using Research in Healthcare Practice, Australia and New Zealand Edition.
Using Research in Healthcare Practice, Australia and New Zealand Edition
Publication Date: 2009
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781920994020


Using Research in Healthcare Practice provides a comprehensive overview of the core topics required for an understanding of both qualitative and quantitative research. The primary focus is on encouraging students to understand the value of seeking out studies when they need to explore practice concerns or dilemmas. Unnecessary detail on 'how to' practice research is avoided, reflecting the level of detail required for undergraduate students to understand and utilize research.

The text's health profession focus recognizes that the work of healthcare practice demands a rich, informed and complex knowledge base that is drawn on and added to by all the professional and consumer groups involved. When the focus shifts from 'discipline' to 'patient', research based understandings are more holistically patient and community centered, the central aim common to all professional healthcare practice.

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--Provides undergraduate nursing and allied health students with a practical guide to undertaking evidence-based practice.
--Focuses on 'using' rather than 'doing' research by showing students how to:
-- Formulate a searchable clinical question
-- Search for evidence using electronic databases and follow up with manual searches
-- Critically appraise quantitative and qualitative research reports and literature reviews
-- Develop techniques for the implementation of evidence-based practice
--Integrates and gives equal emphasis to quantitative and qualitative research
--Australian, New Zealand and international research examples are integrated throughout.
--Key Features:
-- Learning Outcomes in Every Chapter
-- Activity Boxes
-- Critical Thinking Questions
-- References at the End of Each Chapter
-- Box Examples
-- Tables
-- Charts
Melanie Birks RN, PhD, BN, MEd
School of Nursing and Midwifery, Monash University, Gippsland Campus, Melbourne, Australia

Jane Mills RN, PhD
NHMRC Primary Health Care Fellow, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Monash University

Sue Nagy RN, PhD, FCN
Faculty of Nursing, Midwifery and Health, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Donna Waters RN, PhD, BA, MPH, FCN
Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, The University of Sydney, Australia

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ISBN/ISSN: 9781920994020
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Pages: 263
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Chapter 1: Understanding the Importance of Research

Chapter 2: Research Traditions

Chapter 3: Trends in Health Research

Chapter 4: Ethics and Legal Considerations


Chapter 5: Searching for Evidence to Answer Clinical Questions

Chapter 6: Understanding Sampling

Chapter 7: Data Generation and Collection Procedures

Chapter 8: Data Analysis


Chapter 9: Determining the Quality of Research Findings

Chapter 10: Bringing Evidence to the Point of Care

Chapter 11: Using Evidence at the Point of Care

Appendix: Additional Activities and Resources

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