Diagnostic Pathology: Bone

Diagnostic Pathology: Bone

Publication Date: 2012
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781931884631


Designed as an easy-to-use and comprehensive reference for practicing pathologists, Diagnostic Pathology: Bone is a highly anticipated volume in the Diagnostic Pathology series offered by Amirsys. As readers have come to expect from Amirsys reference tools, Diagnostic Pathology: Bone is filled with nearly 1,000 superior medical images, including gross pathology, a wide range of pathology stains, a variety of radiology images of rare entities, and detailed medical illustrations. You'll also find a variety of quick-reference test data tables, one of the most useful hallmarks of the series. More than 75 diagnoses of various bone and cartilage tumor types are described in concise yet detailed bulleted text. This handsome volume is an essential guide to understanding bone tumor pathology and diagnosis.

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--Volume of the highly anticipated Diagnostic Pathology series by Amirsys, leading medical information publisher
--Written by renowned experts in bone tumor pathology
--Illustrated descriptions of specific diagnoses, organized primarily by bone and cartilage tumor types
--Over 1,000 superior medical images, including hundreds of pathology stains, a variety of radiology images of rare entities, and specially prepared medical illustrations
--Concise, yet detailed text descriptions of over 75 diagnoses
--Bulleted text that allows for both a comprehensive and essential understanding of bone tumor pathology
Andrew E. Rosenberg MD
Pathologist, Massachusetts General Hospital; Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

G. P. Nielsen MD
Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School; Associate Pathologist, Department of Pathology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

ISBN/ISSN: 9781931884631
Product Format: Hardbound
Trim Size: 8.5 x 11
Pages: 500
Pub Date: 2012
Weight: 3.05
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