The Soul of Leadership
The Soul of Leadership The Soul of Leadership

The Soul of Leadership

Journeys in Leadership Achievement with Distinguished African American Nurses

Publication Date: December 08, 2012
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781934758403
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This is a new edition of Dr. Hattie Bessent’s groundbreaking work, originally published in 2005 by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. The text provides first-person accounts of the lives and motivations of eleven African American nurses of outstanding achievement. Their stories present the authors’ philosophies of leadership and the strategies they used to succeed, against the odds, in what had been a predominantly white profession. The stories are compelling and provide a wealth of knowledge and abundant inspiration for any young nurse of color pursuing professional career in nursing.

Passages from Maya Angelou that help inspire readers

Discussions of leadership principles to help guide nurse educators develop their leadership skills


Stories from African American nurses of outstanding achievement

Dr. Rhetaugh Dumas

Dr. Elnora Daniel

Dr. Gloria Smith

Ms. Jean Rochelle Marshall

Dr. Beverly Malone

Ms. Barbara Nichols

Dr. Hilda Richards

Ms. Vernice Ferguson

Dr. Etherline Shaw-Nickerson

Dr. May Wykle

Dr. M. Elizabeth Carnegie

ISBN/ISSN: 9781934758403
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Trim Size: 11 x 11
Pages: 116
Pub Date: December 08, 2012
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Hattie Bessent

‘Phenomenal Woman’
Maya Angelou



James M. Jones


Juanita W. Fleming

Chapter 1: Project Lead and Soul

Chapter 2: African American Women Who Lead

Chapter 3: Principles of Leadership

Chapter 4: The Soul of a Leader


‘And Still I Rise’
Maya Angelou

Project LEAD Fellows, Mentors, and Advisors

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