Electronic Product Format

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins publishes web content for
journals, newsletters, and specific specialties such as Nursing. LWW also publishes web products on Connection. Connection is a one-stop web resource for instructors and educators. Over 15 textbook ancillary web sites are hosted here including Neuroscience: Exploring The Brain and the 5 Minute Veterinary Consult: Canine & Feline. Purchase or adoption of one of these textbooks is usually required before the complete site content is available.

If you and your acquisitions editor decide that a web site is the right ancillary or subscription element for your book, this is where LWW will publish it.

Web sites generally contain a combination of content from an existing book as well as an additional element designed to aid test and course preparation both for instructors as well as students. LWW Connection web sites are also developed in order to promote online interaction between students and instructors and between instructors and other instructors. Faculty Resource Centers are available with some sites that allow you to post syllabi as well as create your own course web site!


CD-ROMs are ideal complements to comprehensive textbooks that primarily contain large amounts of images or reference material. These elements can be easily tagged and developed for electronic use.

A CD-ROM adds value to an existing product and provides an opportunity for you to present existing content as well as new content in a unique way. If your audience can benefit from searchable topics or image banks, collections of lectures and lesson plans, exercises and practice tests, and case studies, then consider talking to your acquisitions editor about developing a CD-ROM to accompany your book.

LWW also publishes CD-ROMs that are independent from any product we currently publish, such as the Clinical Simulations series. If you are interested in developing a new CD-ROM, review the guidelines for developing electronic product proposals.

CD-ROMs generally are not packaged as ancillaries, but companion products that are sold alone and with the book or product they represent. Occasionally, CD-ROMs are created to contain the book in electronic format and are sold along with the book. CD-ROMs can be licensed to institutions, intranets, and single- and multi-users.


Programs for the PalmPilot and
PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) are currently being developed in several specialties.

Palm programs are ideal for use in lab, clinical, or study settings. They are generally developed to add value to existing books and CD-ROMs and are sold as ancillary, stand-alone, or in packages with other products. Most of the programs consist of condensed material that easily can be converted to topical indexes and search functions. These features are ideal for practitioners during patient consultation as well as a portable review tool for students on the go.


As an author, you carry the vision for your product. Talk to your Acquisitions Editor about how you can use new media formats.

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