Submission Overview

We prefer and strongly recommend the submission of ads as High-Resolution PDFs using the following guidelines:

  • Size at 100%
  • Flatten layers
  • Pages should be built to trim size or include necessary bleeds (minimum bleed allowance = 1/8" each side)
  • If trapping is applied we recommend a default of at least 0.25pt
  • Embed all fonts (converted to lines and curves) and graphics
  • Hairline rules are set at a minimum of .25"
  • Save as high resolution for print publication:
    • PDF writer will not produce a print-quality PDF.
    • Use the “Press Quality” or “High Quality Print” Adobe PDF Setting when creating the PDF from Acrobat.
    • From Quark, Illustrator or InDesign make sure your document adheres to the criteria listed below before exporting or saving as a PDF. Do not downsample.
    • Original Artwork must be set at the following resolutions:
      • 300 dpi for halftone images
        600 dpi for images containing halftone & text
        1200 dpi for line art
      • Internet graphics or graphics are not acceptable images for print
  • Four-color solids cannot exceed SWOP density 300%.
  • Four-color solids should not exceed SWOP density of 280%, maximum 300%.
  • Color space must be CMYK or Grayscale: files must not contain RGB images
  • Color ads must be accompanied by SWOP-certified proof (Chromalin/Matchprint, Kodak Approval Proof, IRIS, etc.).
  • Indentify spot and PMS colors; all spot colors must be converted to Process for four-color ads.

PDFs may be submitted via FTP, email, or mailed on a DVD/CD-ROM—refer to the advertising rate cards for contact information.

If you need additional help or have a question not covered contact the production contact—refer to the advertising rate card.