Will there be any change in authorship?

What is the project's purpose?

Will the revision be targeted for use as a primary course book or as a supplement to other course materials?

If targeted for course use, please describe the course (level, length, titles, etc.).

Please list all audiences for whom the project is written, indicating which one is primary.

What need will the project satisfy for each group?

Do you anticipate that the book will increase in length over the previous edition and, if so, by what percent?

Will there be contributors to this book? If yes, what is the total number of contributors?

Probable date manuscript will be completed.

What is the estimated schedule for submission of the chapters?

In what ways will the new edition differ from the current edition? (Please indicate chapter by chapter if possible.)

What new content will be added?

What content will be deleted?

Explain use of illustrations and likely number and purpose of line drawings, tables, and photographs.

  Total   New  
Number of black & white line drawings   ______   ______
Number of 2-color line drawings   ______   ______
Number of 4-color line drawings   ______   ______
Number of tables   ______   ______
Number of halftones (photographs)   ______   ______

Indicate need and rationale for the use of color.

What outstanding features will be added to the project? List new ideas or conceptual or organizational approaches, pedagogic devices, graphic explanations, uniquely useful information, etc.

What features do you want to retain and why?

List competing titles (author, title, publisher, etc.).

What are the differences between your book and existing competitors in degree of innovation, breadth, depth, or timeliness, as well as amount of new material?

Please describe the key ways in which this revision will be better then the competition.