Quick Look Drug Book 2013

Quick Look Drug Book 2013 9781451188653
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Publication Date: Dec 4, 2012
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781451188653
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Quick Look Drug Book 2013 includes the most current information on thousands of commonly used drugs. Medical transcriptionists and other healthcare professionals rely on this comprehensive resource for information on brand and generic drug names, pronunciations, look-alike/sound-alike issues, therapeutic categories, dosages, and dosage forms. Exclusive to Quick Look Drug Book is the Indication/Therapeutic Category Index that lists conditions/diseases alphabetically with the drugs used to treat them. Updates include new drugs introduced or approved by the FDA in 2012. Nine appendices are included.

The CD-ROM version has search functions that allow super-fast reference. For full details, see Quick Look Electronic Drug Reference 2013.


--A-Z index that lists all drugs by both generic and brand names, including Canadian drug brand names
--Add-a-Note: Users can annotate existing drug entries with additional information
--Audio Pronunciations for all generic drug names
--Includes drug related tools such as:
-- Abbreviations and Symbols
-- New Drugs Introduced or Approved by the FDA in 2012
-- Cancer Chemotherapy Acronyms and Regimens
-- Normal Laboratory Values for Adults and Children
--Includes up to 10 points of information for each drug including:
-- Generic Name
-- Brand Name
-- Sound-Alike/Look-Alike Issues
-- FDA-Recommended "Tall Man" Lettering
-- Synonyms
-- Pronunciation Guide
-- Therapeutic Category
-- Use
-- Usual Dosage
-- Dosage Forms

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