Practical Guide for Clinical Neurophysiologic Testing: EEG

Practical Guide for Clinical Neurophysiologic Testing: 9780781778619
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Publication Date: Nov 11, 2009
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780781778619
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Written by a noted leader in electroneurodiagnostic technology, this book will be a standard text and reference for technologists, neurology residents, and clinical neurophysiology fellows. The first part covers the technical aspects of electroneurodiagnosis, including basic electronics and recording techniques; the second part covers the clinical applications and diagnostic utilities of electroneurodiagnosis for various central nervous system disorders. The text focuses on digital recording and includes analyses based on digital data. Emphasis is on pattern recognition, artifacts recognition, technical pitfalls, and the clinical correlates of electroencephalography. The book includes material to assist students in recognizing specific artifacts. Coverage includes principles of digital recording, electronics and electrical safety. This book will be a valuable aid in preparing for the ABRET (American Board of Registration of Electroencephalographic and Evoked Potential Technologists) certification or the neurophysiology boards. A companion Website will include a question bank and a streaming video showing how to place electrodes.


--Emphasis on pattern recognition, artifacts recognition, technical pitfalls, and the clinical correlates of electroencephalography
--Basic electronics and recording techniques are covered
--Assists the student in recognizing specific artifacts
--Intraoperative monitoring and 24-hour records (new techniques in the field) are included

About the Author(s)

  • Thoru Yamada MD
  • Professor, Department of Neurology, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA


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  • Pub Date: Nov 11, 2009
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Table of contents

Introduction: History and Perspective of Clinical Neurophysiological Diagnostic Tests

Basic EEG Technology

Basic Electronics and Electrical Safety
Peter Seaba

Digital EEG
Malcolm Yeh

Neuroanatomical and Neurophysiologic Basis of EEG

Principles of Visual Analysis of EEG

Characteristics of Normal EEG

The Assessment of Abnormal EEG

Activation Procedures

EEG and Epilepsy

Diffuse EEG Abnormalities

Focal EEG Abnormalities

Benign EEG Patterns

Artifact Recognition and Technical Pitfalls

EEG of Premature and Full-Term Infants