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Vertebral Column Anatomical Chart 9781587792113

Publication Date: Jan 28, 2000
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Format: Chart
ISBN/ISSN: 9781587792113
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The Vertebral Column is one of our most popular charts!  This comprehensive chart illustrates normal anatomy of the spine.
Central illustration shows a right lateral view of the vertebral column with markings to show location of atlas & axis, cervical, thoracic & lumbar vertebrae, and sacrum and coccyx.
Also includes detailed labeled views of the following bones of the vertebral column:
atlas & axis
second lumbar vertebra
fifth cervical vertebra
seventh and eleventh thoracic vertebrae with detail of interverebral disc
sacrum and coccyx.

made in the USA
Available in the following versions:
  •   20" x 26" heavy weight  paper laminated with grommets at top corners     ISBN 9781587792106
  •   20" x 26" heavy weight  paper                                                                               ISBN 9781587792113
  •   19-3/4" x 26" styrene plastic - latex free                                                              ISBN 9781587796890 

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  • Product Format: paperUnmounted
  • ISBN: 9781587792113
  • Trim Size: 20 x 26
  • Pub Date: Jan 28, 2000