Understanding Your Weight Flipbook

A Desktop Counseling Tool
Understanding Your Weight Flipbook 9781587799266
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Publication Date: Mar 29, 2006
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781587799266
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Physician counseling plays a key role in addressing the obesity epidemic. This tool will help health professionals bring up and discuss the sensitive subject of excess weight with their patients. Developed with a leading expert in the field, this flipbook systematizes the obesity counseling techniques developed by Dr. Robert Kushner of Northwestern Memorial Hospital's Wellness Center.

We have compiled ten topics in a step-by-step process to aid counseling, with simple visual and textual information facing the patient and "educator tips" on the side facing the physician/counselor. Also included are two 50-sheet "prescription" tear-off pads to aid diet and exercise tracking and advice.

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  • ISBN: 9781587799266
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  • Pub Date: Mar 29, 2006
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Table of contents

You and Your Weight

How to Measure Your Risk

Health Risks of Excess Body Weight

Assessing Readiness to Change

Weight Gain is Caused by Energy Imbalance

Recommended Weight Loss Goal

Understanding Weight Loss

Excess Weight Treatment Option: Lifestyle Modification

Excess Weight Treatment Option: Medication

Excess Weight Treatment Option: Surgery

Your Diet Action Plan

Your Physical Activity Action Plan

Educator Resource Page