Bones Socks - Black

Bones Socks - Black ss26aklbk

Publication Date: Apr 15, 2004
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Format: Gift
ISBN/ISSN: ss26aklbk
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Adult one size fits all tube socks printed with the various bones of the lower leg and foot.  The sole of the sock  is printed with 
a reflexology / organ legend.   Knee length socks available in black printed in white and white printed in black.  
Adult one size fits all
60% cotton / 35% polyester / 5% nylon
made in USA

SS26AKLBK   -  Black bones socks
SS26AKLWH -   White bones socks

For more information about your bones, see our chart: The Skeletal System ISBN 9781587790621

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  • Product Format: Gift
  • ISBN: ss26aklbk
  • Pub Date: Apr 15, 2004